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Vehicle Accessory Protection

The selection of products on this page, have been produced to protect against the loss of the vehicle itself, through circumventing the ECU, OBD or ignition; the theft of expensive accessories such as the Catalytic Converter, engine parts and spare wheel, and address unorthodox methods of attack such as peel-and-steal.

Vehicle Protection

These products secure the areas of the vehicle from commonly used methods of taking and driving the vehicle away. The loss of a vehicle with all its cargo is a devastating hit to any business

Dedicated Locking solutions

The above devices address some of the more unorthodox methods of access on some models, such as peel-and-steal and accessing interior handles or bonnet latches.

Accessories Protection

Theft of expensive accessories is a huge business. Effective prevention as shown above is not only wise – it is relatively inexpensive to do.

Mobile Fitting

To keep the downtime of your vehicles being off the road to a minimum, where practicable, we offer a full mobile fitting service at your location of choice. Alternatively your vehicles can be brought to us, at our fully equipped work-shops.

Quality Assured

Every product we install has been rigorously tested for quality and durability. We aim to eliminate, as far as is possible, product failure. To this end we use only proven products, incorporating the best of materials and manufacturing processes.

Tried and Tested

Our products are tried and tested and our engineers are fully trained and experienced. We do not expect problems. But if one should occur, it is good to know that we will go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. You are our business.

Trade Connections

As part of the TVL Group of companies, we enjoy the ability inhouse, to immediately address the latest methods of attack upon your vehicle and from concept to conclusion, produce a response with unrivalled speed. Plus, apart from the wealth of experience and expertise within our own group, we also benefit from our membership and association of a number of related organisations that enables us to offer you an even more comprehensive level of service

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